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About MADF

In 2009, age 19, Michael A. DeStefano incurred a severe traumatic brain injury as the result of an auto accident.  He was resuscitated twice and has spent the years since, in a slow but steady recovery from his injuries. Navigating and employing the current and evolving medical and alternative therapies for TBI has been the main challenge for the DeStefano family.  On many occasions, the family rejected the medical community’s conclusion that “there’s nothing more we can do” and pressed forward to find alternative treatment and therapies to continue Michael’s healing and recovery.  This story of determination, perseverance and spirit is what the DeStefano Family brings to the public through THE MICHAEL A DESTEFANO FOUNDATION.  It is a story that will hopefully stimulate others afflicted with TBI.

THE MICHAEL A DESTEFANO FOUNDATION Board of Directors is dedicated to growing as a fund raising organization to uniquely support TBI recovery with financial and personal assistance.  Head injury, concussion and TBI are contemporary medical concerns for which treatment is evolving that incorporates new therapies in conjunction with traditional medical approaches.  Multidisciplinary input regarding TBI injuries enables better recovery for victims of TBI.  The Foundation has informed affected families of resources regarding recovery options; provided rehabilitative equipment to treatment centers and provided presentations to medical personnel relative to patient experiences.  Since inception, the Foundation has provided  awards to TBI families through its grant program totaling nearly $60,000.

We continue our efforts in fulfillment of our mission to enhance the quality of life for traumatic brain injury victims and their families by supporting research, promoting alternative therapies and public advocacy.