December 17, 2014

     Welcome to the holiday season. It just seems that the summer had just passed and in a blink of an eye the holidays are upon us again. As people are hustling and bustling with preparations of Christmas, so many are forgetting what the true meaning of Christmas is. I hear so many conversations from children, and adults alike; what they WANT for Christmas. Laughing that the “new younger children” are hoping for a new phone, lap top, or any new high tech toy. Don’t get me wrong….Christmas is for children. It’s how parents give into these WANTS. Listening as parents talk about how much they spent on each child. Creating a “new generation monster”, when  they become adults and may not be able to afford all their WANTS. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this, so I will explain.
     As I sit in a therapy or doctor facility, I overhear or I begin a conversation with someone who’s loved one suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury). They talk about their WANTS for their loved one. Many of them wishing for simple things; such as if they could only make a sound, breathe on their own, eat regular food instead of a feeding tube, hear their voice, use their hands, walk, smile, or know what’s going on. Simple WANTS that we all take for granted. I’m guilty for some of those WANTS. I WANT Mike to walk, use his hands, speak like he used to, get an education, get married, have children, and live happily ever after. I WANT Mike whole again. But I have to be realistic. He may have some or all of the above but with any TBI family they have to accept and understand that their loved one will never be the same. It might be as minor of having a quirky habit, or as major as them never leaving a hospital bed.
     These families WANT to do the very best to help with the recovery of their loved one but the majority of the time they can no longer can afford to. Whether insurance runs out, lack of income, or relying on Public Aid (ha)………You see there are WANTS , that are needed.
     Think of what the true meaning of Christmas is to you…….I know what it is to my family and the rest of the TBI community. Have a giving heart and help these families with their WANTS. Please consider a donation to The Michael A. DeStefano Foundation.
God Bless and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year
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