February 9, 2012

As we are finishing up with the final details for the fundraiser on Feb 18th, we are looking forward to seeing our new friends and their families with Traumatic Brain Injuries. I love to talk with the families and exchange any information that will help our loved ones. The family’s experiences have become a vital source for so many of us for recovery.
Mike continues to move in the right direction. We had received positive information from his foot surgeon ( Dr. Lin out of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush ) last week. He was very pleased that his healing process is moving faster than the norm for someone who had this type of surgery. Dr. Lin suggested we hinge Mike’s AFO ( leg brace ) so he would get a more natural stride when he walks. Of course it felt very weird for Mike since he hadn’t had that type of movement for years. He sometimes complains of shin-splints, but his front muscles haven’t been used and need to get stronger.
Always being eager to go to Next Steps and Marianjoy, Mike pushes himself to the limit with a positive attitude. Everyday he tries to reach his goal of being independent again.

Debbie DeStefano

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