January 16, 2017

I have been MIA for some time but hopefully not forgotten. I have been going through a transition of my own. Struggling through depression and high anxiety for multiple personal reasons. Also having to go through deaths of two important people in our lives within four months of each other. My father-in-law and my brother-in-law. Both diagnosed with cancer. One being fortunate not to suffer long and the other to battle as long as his body could accept. Seeing both wanting to do things with dignity. Trying to do things their way. Witnessing a life neither wanted to choose.

     Our life is certainly something we didn’t want to choose. But something we were dealt with and have to live with day by day. Many days fighting and struggling just to cope. This is life!!!! So many things we can’t control. This being one of them. However, each day we search and try to find the next step. Whether it’s a new doctor, therapy, procedure, treatment, or an experimental drug. Always having the motto to “Never Give Up”. Yet, as we struggle through each obstacle we are shut down by government, insurance, doctors, therapists, and society in itself.Someone always giving negative thoughts or rejections. Trying to pick ourselves up and believing that something will come along, or proving that these individuals are wrong. This is not a denial on our part but a fight to give an individual every chance that they deserve.
     I am, and always will be an animal lover. So many can relate how close our pets become to us. We do everything for them. Giving them the right food, best toy, comfy bed, blanket, medication, seeking out specialists for a certain surgery, or an illness that you medicate to prolong their life with you. Dishing out hundreds and sometimes thousands. We do this for our pets with no questions. Yet, as human beings we have been controlled on what we can receive and for how long.
     It makes me sick to my stomach on what I have witnessed in the past seven in a half years. Holding our breath, whether our insurance will cover something or if our son has reached a “Goal” to continue therapy. Paying thousands and thousands of dollars out of own pockets because it wasn’t covered.
     Is this fair? People can give to their pets the best opportunity to live a good life……yet as humans we are controlled. WHY???? We as humans need to fight together to make our own lives as important as our pets.
     I can only speak for someone that has suffered a traumatic brain injury. A life changing experience for all involved. Mike and all TBI individuals will have struggles for the rest of their lives. Yet we are being controlled whether these individuals succeed in recovery, receive much deserving benefits, or in life in general. Maybe they should become pets????
Our foundation has been silent for awhile. We haven’t had a fundraiser for some time due to my decision. It’s not because we wouldn’t want to raise money. We are trying to rebuild, revise, and reproduce our efforts to make this foundation more successful to accommodate those who suffered a TBI. Trying to give these individuals more financially, resources, and opportunities. Like we do for our own pets. The difference is that these TBI individuals are human.
     My goal from day one of the foundation is to get a facility just for TBI individuals. One that won’t dictate on whether you reached your goals, or didn’t have insurance,or it’s not approved because it’s experimental. But the one that can give hope that we will continue to do what we can to make your life as good as your pet.  I know I may sound far fetched with my ideas…..but I’m hoping someone will have the same passion as me and help me bring this to reality.
We did our second deployment of stem cell in July with no significant results. We traveled to Miami fro two weeks to do biofeedback at the Brucker Clinic. It was a fabulous experience with no results when we came home. Discontinued Functional Neurology because after many years it came to a point that nothing more can be accomplished at this time. Mike received BOTOX injections again at the end of November at Marianjoy with hopes that with the injections and PT and OT that things will improve. More braces and at home therapies has resulted in nothing. Started up with Baclofen again, praying that things have changed over the years and this time it will help with his tone. (Stiffness in his body). Again, giving him every chance to the best recovery……and NEVER GIVING UP.
Debbie DeStefano
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