July 23, 2012

Exhaustion! That’s the way I feel lately. We have started doing 2 therapies a day, 4 different types, 4 different locations, 5 days a week. ( I have to laugh how some celebrities or politicians can claim exhaustion.) REALLY! Mike has been progressing well with Jim and Tom at Next Step. Still doing alot of work on his core muscles and balance. (He’s looking very buffed lately). Next week we’ll be having an evaluation there to see were we need to go next with his recovery. Mike has surprised us by sitting up on the edge of the bed by himself. He doesn’t have it down to a science YET but he’s getting there. Kelly at Marianjoy continues to work with balance and walking. Mike had shocked Kelly and myself last week with walking up stairs with a cane with little assistance. Then he proceeded to walk backwards down the stairs. We are getting close to letting him try by himself. We started at Athletico in Oak Brook last week with Martin. He is only working on Mike’s hands. It will be another slow process but the hands are very intricate. Right now it’s mostly stretching and wearing a brace for a short period during the day. Then there’s Dr. Turner who is the neurological chiropractor. He has been doing wonders with Mike. He continues to use lazer therapy and adjustments. Dr. Turner suggested we get these glasses called Eyelights (Eyelights.com). They are glasses, which come in different color lenses for different stimulation. Each set of glasses has tiny lights that blink for stimulation to the brain. All types of people use them. Atheletes, Austic children, Stroke, and now TBI. Looking forward to getting started with them. I feel that the combination of everything is coming together for Mike.

We will begin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) again at the end of August. We really feel that it helped Mike and are willing to do more sessions. When that time comes, I will have to drop some other therapy. There are only so many days in a week! OMG! when I wake up sometimes I can’t remember what day it is; but Mike is right there telling me. (His favorite saying is “Yeah, and I have a brain injury”) As you can tell by our schedule that the weeks fly by. Our culprit for the blood in the urine is 2 kidney stones. Luckily I can say that Mike had passed one this past friday with no pain or complications. Now again, it will be a wait and see. The other one is located in the kidney and the dr. didn’t seem too concern for that one right now. Thank goodness!

I have stated many things in past blogs that we have experienced since our journey began. I would like to tell you a little bit of the spiritual. You see if we didn’t have our faith, we would have never made it, nor would Mike. Starting from day one at Loyola, when we set up a “shrine” (as some people called it), to our current tradtions of prayers and blessings. There are soooo many stories that I could tell, that some people would never believe except for those who do have faith. The repeated “signs” that were given to us. Which we thought were coincidental. From people all over who sent prayers, mass cards, holy water, crosses, medals, etc. ALL that were used on Mike. To me, toting around holy water and communion to give to Mike daily and visiting and praying at EVERY chapel that they had in the many hospitals and rehabs that Mike was in. As Mike has told us he was “chosen” we truely believe that we are being guided by the “BIG GUY” above.

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