March 1, 2016

March is brain injury awareness month. So I thought it would appropriate to write a blog to bring more awareness to this silent epidemic. Many times, I go blank on what I need to say or do to bring more awareness. Then I heard a catchy tune on the T.V. “If I Only Had A Brain”. One of the songs from the classic movie, “The Wizard Of Oz”.

Many of us grew up watching that movie and remembering each character and what their needs were, and with the hope of meeting Oz. Let’s see; there was Dorothy….. a HOME, the Lion…..COURAGE, the Tin Man…..a HEART, and of course the Scarecrow…..a BRAIN. My favorite character as a child was the Lion. I thought he was funny, cute, and cuddly. He also wanted courage. My thinking at that time was, if you had courage you could do anything. But, after going through this TBI journey with Mike, I realized the Scarecrow was the best. Without a brain you have nothing.

Our brain is the most valuable asset that our body can have. It controls our heart, breathing, swallowing, motor skills, emotions, hearing, vision, taste, smell, touch, creativity, problem solving, decision making…..and the list can go on and on. I BELIEVE I made my point! Again, without your brain you have nothing.

A TBI (traumatic brain injury) is also invisible. I know in our case with Mike, people see only the physical part of this terrible epidemic and don’t realize or understand the invisible part of it. There are so many people who have suffered a TBI but are physically fine; yet suffer tremendously with the invisible aspect of it. Yes, many recover to live productive, independent lives but there is always something that they struggle with. And will for the rest of their lives. Everyone has to understand that whenever someone suffers a TBI they will never be that 100% person that you knew or most importantly…..that they knew.

Treasure your brain!!!! Protect it as well as you can, because you’ll only have one. Without it you will only be a shell. Be understanding, patient, and helpful to those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Going back to the “Wizard of Oz”…..Eventually all the characters found the yellow brick road. Had to travel through many obstacles to reach Oz. And received their wishes, one way or another. So do TBI individuals¬† travel that same yellow brick road with many more obstacles, with hopes of reaching Oz to have their wishes come true. And saying…..”If I Only Had A Brain”.


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