May 9, 2014

Such exciting news to be shared. I would like to share our wonderful experience at the Carrick Brain Center in Georgia. We have been through many facilities and therapies in the past (almost) 5 years with Mike; but have never experienced a facility that was filled with so much hope. Dr Carrick, his staff, and the wonderful group of doctors who came from all over the world to learn and practice “Functional Neurology” on individuals with neurological issues. The reception room filled with returning and new patients from around the globe with an energy of hope and inspiration. Every family you meet having their own life changing experience yet feeling like you’re one big family sharing the same journey.

After a series of diagnostic testings, Dr. Carrick sets up a protocol of therapies to meet each individual needs. Majority of testings and therapies are done through eye movements. As Dr. Carrick says “that the eyes are the window to your brain”. We begin our “brain boot camp” for five days, with three sessions per day. Exhausting for sure, as most days we were gone for over 8hrs with a few breaks. After Mike completed his first day of therapies, there was buzz through the clinic on his fast improvements. By day three we were getting our second evaluation by Dr. Carrick. Not always understanding the results of the diagnostic testings or the neurological exams, we soon found ourselves in a room full of doctors crying over the huge milestone of Mike’s recovery. In a very short time of doing these therapies, they got Mike’s cerebellum to work again. Something he needs to have for balance, to walk again, and to regain his motor skills. There were smiles from ear to ear from all of us in that room. Dr. Carrick saying ” It’s not a question of, if Mike will walk again, but a question of when he walks again”. Retraining the brain is possible!!!! Now we wait to see when everything will kick in. Next Steps has found huge improvements on his balance and Dr. Michalopoulos seeing much improvement on his walking. We continue with the same therapies at home as they were doing at Carrick Brain Center along with the therapies at Next Steps and Dr. Michalopoulos. I can’t say enough about this facility and the practice of “Functional Neurology”.

Since we have returned home we have had the opportunity to meet several doctors at Lurie’s Children Hospital. Appreciating that they asked us for our input on helping families who’s loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Sharing Mike’s story and the mission of our foundation and speaking of partnering with each other. Another partnership in the planning is with Carrick Care ( from the Carrick Brain Center. An international non-profit organization. Our mission is the same. Providing financial need, educating, and advocating for individuals who suffer a brain injury.

New beginnings are starting. My next step is meeting with one of our state representative during the summer to set up a bill for individuals who have suffered a brain injury. Combining with others will give strength to our cause. NEVER GIVE UP AND ALWAYS HAVE HOPE!!!!!!!!!!

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