September 10, 2012


A big thank you to Dapper’s Restaurant in Addison for sponsoring a golf outing and donating the proceeds to the foundation. Dapper’s has been a big part of our community for years and remembers to give back to those in need. Thank you again Dino and all the golfers who participated. Your generousity is greatly appreciated.


Have to say that our quick one week break from therapy was much needed. We really enjoyed going to Lake Lawn Lodge with Mike for a couple nights. Spending time with family members, sitting by the lake, and having good food and drinks was a perfect setting. Way too short! A few days to remember what life used to be like. Oh well, everyone can dream.. Mike loved it so much that he wants to go back in October when leaves are changing. Fall being his favorite season. Another learning experience with someone who is disabled, however they were so accomodating for us. Thank you Lake Lawn Lodge.

Back to reality…. We have accomplished 10 sessions at Midwest Hyperbaric & Wellness for our hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Love those people. We’re not sure if we will be doing 20 sessions or 40 sessions. Mike’s speech keeps improving so it will be up to Dr. Martinucci to decide on the length. As we continue to hope that it will help more with his tone and spasticity and to help him walk better and open his hands.

Next Steps has been Mike’s rock for therapy. Their creativity has been beyond words. They truly try anything, to advance an individuals need to succeed. For example… Mike’s right leg and calf is weaker than his left. They put an ankle weight on his right ankle and tied a heavy chain around it and then had him walk with it. CRUEL! No way… It is building him up with strength and endurance. Mike loves the punishment! Football days… Class 101. He jokes about it. He said he felt like “Christmas Present” from the movie “A Christmas Carol”, except there was no Scrooge.

We still continue with Dr. Turner (chiropractic neurologist). Mike and him have a great relationship. Mike keeps complimenting him how smart he is. He is always coming up with something to stimulate him. Lazer treatments, adjustments, supplements have become a routine. Now we have just done a saliva test for his adreneal gland. It’s amazing what all these different things do for your mind and body. So much that we all take for granted.

Exhaustion has hit again for all of us. Now I’m trying to squeeze hand therapy again, at least once a week with Martin at Athletico. Everyone has to remember, not only are we taking Mike to all of these places but we also have the many therapies or homework to do at home. How we are doing it, is beyond belief. I think I know who is helping us with strength. As the saying goes “God only gives you what you can handle”. Sometimes I tell him, I can’t handle anymore or don’t want anymore”. Guess who’s in control???

Thoughts and Experiences:


I can honestly say that there is not one financial advisor, planner, or specialist who can prepare a family through this type of journey. As I continue to talk to many families who have or are still experiencing this horrific journey, everyone is on the same page. BILLS!, BILLS!, BILLS! Every time you get the mail it’s a bill. Or the first question asked to you is “What type of insurance do you have?”, or “Your insurance will only allow this”… PLEASE!!!

As you are trying to adjust and get through the shock of what just happened to your loved one. You have social workers or therapist constantly asking you “Is your house handicap accessable”? HOW MANY HOMES ARE??? Your mind is racing. Families struggle to try to find extra money to adjust their homes to accomodate their loved one when they come home. To therapies , medications , equipment, and supplies that are not covered by their insurance companies. Everything having to be paid out of pocket. It is a constant financial burden. Famlies draining their savings acounts, wiping out retirement funds, or taking out equity loans. The financial burden is ENDLESS.

My personal family experiences is this. I quit my job after 33 yrs of service to take care of Mike. My husband Pete, struggles everyday to get out of bed (when he has work) with a crippling body after so many years as a carpet installer; because we need the insurance, not to pay the bills. Our motto has been , “We could care less if we had to sell the house and live in a box if Mike would get better”. As far as settlement money from an accident. In the state of Illinois; the medical insurance company has the right to re-coup what they have paid out for an individual. Mike lost 90% of his money. You are stuck, because you either give it to the insurance company or they cut off your insurance.

I remember having a talk with Pete a few days before the accident, and both of us being proud parents of our children, said “We did well!” Taking a deep breath and thinking we will enjoy retirement together soon because we were almost done with college payments. Then life throws you a curve ball. A lesson that you really can’t control what happens in life. Enjoy the moment! Spend the time together while you can and embrace what is given to you.

I will say that all of these families that I have become in contact with believe the same thing, “You cannot put a price tag on someone you love”. They are PRICELESS!!!!

Keep supporting the foundation so other families can benefit.

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